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DG466 - Paradox Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion Detector

Paradox: DG466 Directional Motion Detector


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The Paradox DG466 is a high security Paradome ceiling mount digital motion detector designed to differentiate between incoming and outgoing movements. This innovative motion detection technology will detect and differentiate direction of movement and react accordingly. The DG466 is useful in circumstances where you may wish to leave and reenter a protected area without triggering an alarm, yet still enable protection from intruders.

The DG466 features dual element sensors, adjustable return delay, and a patented digital detection technology.

  • Includes: (1) DG466 Directional Ceiling-Mounted Digital Motion Detector 
  • Two dual element sensors (determine if movement is incoming or outgoing)
  • One incoming detection relay output
  • One outgoing detection relay output
  • Adjustable return delay timer (exit and reenter without causing an alarm)
  • Patented Digital Detection
  • 67cm (2.2ft) X 4.8m (16ft) and 60cm (2ft) X 4.8m (16ft)
  • Part# DG466