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ICRESMS34C - ICC 3X4 Multi-Switch Residential Module, 2 GHZ

ICC Cabling Products: ICRESMS34C 3X4 Multi-Switch



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The ICRESMS34C 3X4 Multi-Switch Residential Module is designed to accept simultaneous inputs from cable TV services and satellite providers in a single device. It allows connections of up to two satellite receivers, using a dual LNB (Low Noise Block) from the satellite dish, as well as CATV or off-air TV antenna with the capability of distributing these signals to four locations. The ICRESMS34C supports a very wide frequency range of 40 MHz to 2.4 GHz and can be used as a standalone switch or as an integral part of the ICC Net Media Centers. 

The ICC ICRESMS34C 3X4 Multi-Switch Residential Module takes up 2 mounting spaces when mounted into the ICC 14”, 21”, 28”, and 42” Net Media Centers.

To install the ICC ICRESMS34C 3X4 Multi-Switch Residential Module simply connect the devices to the incoming CATV/Antenna port on the multi-switch. The combined signals run through a single coaxial cable and a diplexer is used to separate the satellite and CATV/Antenna signals in order to connect to the satellite receiver and TV. A diplexer must be used for combining or separating satellite and CATV/Antenna signals and allowing those two signals to be fed on a single coaxial cable. *Diplexer not included

  • Includes: (1) ICRESMS34C Bi Directional Amplifier Residential Module 
  • Designed to allow for the connection of up to 2 satellite receivers using a jual low noise block (LNB) satellite dish, plus CATV or a TV antenna
  • Capable of distributing signals up to 4 locations
  • DC power pass from satellite receiver to LNB with input frequency from 40 to 2400 MHz
  • Used with all ICRESAV video splitter modules and ICRESAM25C/ICRESAM18C drop amplifier module if needed
  • Fit all ICRESDC 14”, 21”, 28”, and 42” resi distribution center enclosures with the 4 locking buttons 
  • Part#: ICRESMS34C