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ICRESAV42C - ICC 2 GHz 1X4 Coaxial Cable Video Splitter

ICC Cabling Products: ICRESAV42C 1X4 Splitter



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This products has been discontinued by the ICC.  Choose the  ICC ICRESAV42L 2 GHz 1X8 Coaxial Cable Video Splitter as a replacement.

  • Includes: (1) ICRESAV42C 1X4 2 GHz Video Splitter
  • Ideal for home or small office use
  • Used with ICRDSTC75F F-type termination cap to prevent signal degradation
  • Fits all ICRESDC 14”, 21”, 28”, and 42” residential distribution center enclosures with the 4 locking buttons
  • Fits most standard residential
  • Part#: ICRESAV42C