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ICCMSFCMRP - ICC Cable Management Panel, 1 RMS

ICC Cabling Products: ICCMSFCMRP Cable Management



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The ICC ICCMSFCMRP front style extended bracket panel is used to properly organize and secure patch cables in a network rack application. Use this cable management panel to help facilitate the proper bend radius for your patch cable bundles. The ICCMSFCMRP is essential to give your structured cabling network rack a professional look while making your cables easy to troubleshoot and maintain.

  • Specification:
    Includes: (1) ICCMSFCMRP Cable Management Panel, 1 RMS
  • No extra rack mount spaces (RMS) needed
  • Front panel extend out 3" deep
  • Provides cable support in front of patch panels and other equipment
  • Integrated cable anchor points
  • Facilitate cable bend radius
  • 1 rack mount space (RMS)