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ICACSTSUS1 - ICC Economy UTP Wire Stripper

ICC Cabling Products: ICACSTSUS1 UTP Wire Stripper



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The ICC ICACSCTRST economy cable stripper is a versatile tool used to affectively strip jacket materials for UTP and STP cables. The ICACSCTRST wire stripper tool features an integrated strip length gauge and a 110 type blade for punching down wires.

If you are looking for a low cost highly effective combo tool to strip UTP wires and punch them down to a 110 style block than this is the tool for you!

  • Includes: (1) ICACSCTRST UTP Wire Stripper 110 Combo Tool
  • Manufactured with high quality materials with long life cutting blades to provide stripping consistency
  • Ergonomically designed for fast and easy UTP/STP cable stripping
  • Outer jacket stripping blade for various twisted pair cavities
  • For stripping wire diameter about 05~06.2mm, top end for 110/88 type insertion use
  • Part#: ICACSTSUS1