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VIP100 - Flair Electronics 2" Surface Mount Magnetic Alarm Contact, White

Flair Electronics: VIP100 Surface Mount Alarm Contacts

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The Flair Electronics VIP100 is a professional grade 2" surface mount magnetic alarm contact designed to support surface mount applications in security alarm installations. The VIP100 is a white 3/4”+ gap closed loop magnetic contact that includes integrated tabs that are used to screw the contacts down to any flat surface. The VIP100 supports a simple 2 wire installation and has nickel plated screw terminals that allow you to easily attach it to any 2 conductor alarm wire.

The VIP100 is part of the Flair Electronics family of VIP magnetic contacts. All of the VIP Contacts utilize Rare Earth Magnets and are manufactured to the highest standards. Flair Electronics has a reputation of providing the most reliable long lasting door and window alarm contacts in the security industry!

  • Includes: (1) 2" Surface Mount Magnetic Alarm Contact
  • 3/8" H x 2" L, Tape
  • With Tabs
  • White
  • Closed Loop
  • UL Approved
  • Screw Terminals
  • 3/4"+ Gap
  • Part#: VIP100

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