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DW-VMAX480D 8500 - Digital Watchdog 240ps H.264 8 Channel CCTV DVR, 500GB

Digital Watchdog: DW-VMAX480D 8500 480fps 8 Channel DVR

Five year Warranty


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The Digital Watchdog DW-VMAX480D 8500 is an advanced H.264 Linux Embedded 8 channel digital video recorder (CCTV DVR) with 500GB hard drive designed for critical surveillance applications. No other security DVR gives you full control when recording, storing, monitoring, and downloading security video footage. The DW-VMAX480D 8500 offers double the speed of most security DVR’s by offering 240 frames per second video quality over 8 channels. This professional grade security DVR offers all the critical features need to best secure any residential or commercial location. The DW-VMAX480D 8500 offers innovation, performance, and reliability with the strongest warranty in the industry. Its 5 year warranty ensures your investment is protected! 

The Digital Watchdog DW-VMAX480D 8500 is one of the fastest and most advanced security DVR’s on the market. It also offers HDMI and VGA outputs, built in DVD-W writer, looping outputs, mobile device quad view, and PTZ control. Additional features include: AUTO Network Enrollment with internal network applications, AUTO recording configuration, DVR calculator, scheduled network backup, on-screen help menu, e-mail notification, DVR health check, call monitor, programmable spot monitor, one channel of audio recording, free DDNS support, automatic private IP addressing, screen saver to protect monitor screen, auto or manual firmware upgrades, mouse drive, USB, PTZ control, and much more... 

The DW-VMAX480D 8500 offers 100% MAC compatibility, with free Blackberry, iPhone, and 3G phone apps available so you can view your cameras right from your phone! Plus this machine includes an innovative Auto Enrollment feature that allows you to easily put your DVR on a network so you can view your cameras from any computer in the world. 

When you buy the DW-VMAX480D 8500 security DVR it comes with the entire software package pre-loaded so you are ready for a plug and play installation. You also receive a remote software disk, an IR remote controller, USB mouse, power adapter, and 5 year warranty!

  • Includes: (1) DW-VMAX480D 8500 H.264 8 Channel Video Recorder 500GB
  • 8 Channels of Video via BNC Connections
  • 500GB Hard Drive 
  • Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded DVR
  • Multiplex - Live, Playback, Recording, Backup, Network, Configuration
  • 120fps at D1, Total 240fps at CIF
  • HDMI and VGA Support
  • One Touch Video Backup
  • One Touch Reverse Playback
  • DVD-RW Built-in
  • Scheduled Network Backup
  • Covert Channel
  • Call Monitor
  • Web-Based Client with Multi-User Access
  • Automatic Private IP Addressing
  • Simple & Free DDNS Support
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Watermark Verification (Digital Signature Verification)
  • Network Bandwidth Control
  • DVR Health Check with Email Notification
  • DVR Calculation and Auto Recording Configuration
  • Help Menu on Major Function
  • Configuration Import/Export
  • Auto or Manual Firmware Upgrade Available
  • Screen Saver to Protect Monitor Screen
  • 4 Sensor Input, 1 Sensor Output
  • Looping Output (Optional)
  • Email or Text Event Notifications with Snapshots
  • Central Management Software, Up to 128 CH
  • Mobile Application for Blackberry, iPhone, Android 
  • Mobile Device Quad View and PTZ Control
  • MAC Compatible Remote Software
  • USB Mouse, IR Remote Control GUI
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty 
  • Part#: DW-VMAX480D 8500