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DW-VMAX4500G - Digital Watchdog H.264 4 Channel Video Recorder, 500GB

Digital Watchdog: DW-VMAX4500G 4 Channel DVR

Five year Warranty


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The Digital Watchdog DW-VMAX4500G is a 4 channel professional grade digital video recorder designed for both residential and commercial surveillance applications. The DW-VMAX4500G model includes a 500GB hard drive, MAC compatibility, and free Blackberry, iPhone, and 3G phone apps. Digital Watchdog has built their own free mobile phone apps that allow you full visibility of your cameras at all times! Plus the DW-VMAX4500G includes the new innovative Auto Enrollment feature that allows you to easily put your DVR on a network so you can view your cameras from any computer in the world!

The Digital Watchdog DW-VMAX4500G is the most advanced H.264 embedded digital video recorder ever created. It offers superior Full D1 (720X480), or CIF resolutions, giving the highest possible digital recording quality across multiple channels. The DW-VMAX4500G allows up to 60fps @ D1 and up to 120fps @ CIF giving you professional grade surveillance video right at your finger tips. You can simultaneously view and control cameras, alarm inputs, graphic mapping, and device status of 128 devices through our complimentary Pivot Hybrid CMS software platform.

When you buy the DW-VMAX4500G you also receive pre-loaded GUI interface software, remote software CD, an IR remote controller, USB mouse, power adapter, and 5 year warranty! Everything you need for a high performance plug and play surveillance video recorder system!

Additional features include: AUTO Network Enrollment with internal network applications, AUTO recording configuration, DVR calculator, scheduled network backup, on-screen help menu, e-mail notification, DVR health check, call monitor, programmable spot monitor, one channel of audio recording on all models, mouse drive, PTZ control, and much more...

  • Includes: (1) DW-VMAX4500G H.264 4 Channel Video Recorder 500GB
  • Advanced H.264 Linux Embedded DVR
  • Multiplex-Live, Playback, Recording, Backup, Network
  • 60fps@D1, 120fps@CIF for 4 Channel
  • One Touch Video Backup
  • One Touch Reverse Playback
  • One Touch Emergency Recording
  • Covert Channel
  • Call Monitor
  • Web Based Client w/Multi-User Access
  • Automatic Private IP Addressing
  • Simple & Free DDNS Support
  • NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Watermark Verification
  • DVR Health Check w/ E-mail Notification
  • Help Menu on Major Function
  • Auto Disk Info Recovery
  • Configuration Import/Export 
  • Auto or Manual Firmware Upgrade Available
  • 4 Sensor Input, 1 Sensor Output 
  • Screen Saver to Protect Monitor Screen
  • Central Management Software up to 128 Channels
  • USB Mouse, IR Remote Control GUI
  • Optional External USB DVD RW or HDD available for Backup
  • Support Blackberry, iPhone, 3G Phones
  • MAC Compatible Remote Software
  • Part#: DW-VMAX4500G

Can I put the DW-VMAX4500G on a network?

The DW-VMAX4500G is simple to put on your network at your home or business! It actually has an Auto Enrollment feature that walks you through then entire process! In the past the networking part of installing a DVR was always the most difficult task in installing a system. Digital Watchdog is one of the only manufactures that has developed a feature that actually does all the work for you. No other DVR is easier to put on a network!

How do I attach a monitor to the DW-VMAX4500G?

The DW-VMAX4500G offers VGA, Composite, BNC, and SPOT monitor outputs to support multiple video output needs. Since most CCTV monitors now use a VGA cable the connection is completely plug and play.

How do I attach my coaxial cables to the DW-VMAX4500G?

All the connections are made via BNC connectors. The DW-VMAX4500G has 4 channels on the back to support 4 separate cameras. These channels are basic BNC female outputs. Once you have terminated your cables with male BNC connectors you can simply attach the BNC connectors together. This is done by the locking mechanism built into the BNC connectors. The connections are made by hand, so there are no special tools needed!

How many cameras can I put on the DW-VMAX4500G?

The DW-VMAX4500G can support up to 4 cameras. So it is important to plan your system out and insure you get the DVR that will best support your needs. Too often consumers by a 4 channel DVR only to realize later they wish they had more room to add cameras. The VMAX series comes in 8 and 16 cameras options. If you are looking for a possible 8 cameras you should choose the DW-VMAX8500G, and for 16 cameras you should choose the DW-VMAX 16500G DVR.

How much do the mobile phone apps for the DW-VMAX4500G cost?

Absolutely free! Most DVR manufactures are forcing their customers to buy mobile apps for their DVR’s from 3rd party companies. Digital Watchdog has developed their own applications to support Blackberry, iPhone, and 3G Phone’s. And yes they are all free! All of the free apps for the DW-VMAX4500G can be found right on the Digital Watchdog website.

Does the DW-VMAX4500G really have a 5 year warranty?

YES. No other surveillance product manufacture stands by their products more than Digital Watchdog. The 5 year warranty on the DW-VMAX4500G is hard to believe but it is true! This only shows how strongly Digital Watchdog believes in their products!