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000112 - Climatronix Stretch Connect 19x2" Standoff Rack Bracket

Climatronix: 000112 19x2 Standoff Rack Bracket



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The Climatronix 000112 Stretch Connect 19x2" Standoff Rack Bracket is a cable management bracket used to manage cable bundles on an equipment rack or directly on the wall. The 000112 Standoff Rack Bracket mounts directly to a standard 19” equipment rack used in networking, home theater, and audio video applications. You can also attach it directly to a wall in installations where a traditional rack is not used. The 000112 Standoff Rack Bracket comes with 8 reusable straps that can be used to secure cables. The reusable straps allow you to secure and unsecure cables as they are moved or changed during and after an installation. 

The Climatronix 000112 Stretch Connect 19x2" Standoff Rack Bracket gives you complete flexibility when managing cables. The “stand-off” design separates the bracket 2 inches from the rack giving you room to easily route cables vertically and horizontally. The bracket is made from lightweight extra-durable 1/8 inch thick aluminum and feature smooth edges to protect the cables from possible damage. No other cable management solution supports a cleaner and faster installation.

  • Includes: (1) 000112 Stretch Connect 19x2 Standoff Rack Bracket 
  • Single bracket with 8 straps
  • 2 inch stand-off design
  • Perfect for all 19” stand-alone and wall mount rack applications 
  • Made with extra-durable 1/8 inch thick aluminum 
  • Can mount on the wall for telecommunication and data cable management 
  • Easy to use and reusable
  • Assists in faster installations
  • Makes add, moves, and changes easier than ever
  • Provides flexibility in cable management 
  • Gives installations a neat and clean appearance 
  • 2 rack mount space (RMS) 
  • Part#: 000112