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Security Camera Kits

Are you looking for a security camera kit that makes adding a new CCTV camera fast and easy? We offer a huge selection of professional grade security camera kits that include a high performance box camera, high quality security camera lens, and an indoor mount or outdoor housing with mount option. Our security camera kits will provide you with all the needed components for a complete and successful security camera installation!

Use a security camera kit for your new or existing CCTV system!

The use of a security camera kit has become more and more popular in both residential and commercial surveillance applications. Having the ability to buy one part that consists of everything you need to successfully install a new CCTV camera will not only save you time but also money. In most instances when an installer or business owner needs a security camera they spend a lot of valuable time sourcing the security box camera, lens, and a mount or housing that are all compatible and easy to install. At the end of the day this process may or may not be easy or successful. Essentially a security camera kit will give you all the compatible parts you need to support a simple plug and play security camera installation.

Both an indoor and outdoor security camera installation will consist of utilizing some type of security camera mount or housing that best support the cameras installation location, and available mounting options. For indoor installations all of our security camera kits include the lens, box camera, and mounting bracket that offer you the flexibility to mount your camera in any location on the wall or ceiling. For outdoor installations we also offer complete security camera kits that include the box camera and lens pre-packed into an outdoor housing with wall mount. These outdoor security camera kits are ready for a plug and play installation right out of the box. All you have to do is essentially mount the camera system and plug in the power and video cables. All of our security cameras kits are pre-configured with the best compatible parts that are pre-assembled to support a quick installation. With our security camera kits you could have a new security camera up and functioning in a matter of minutes.

All of our security camera kits consist of professional grade products that are manufactured by some of the best and biggest names in the surveillance industry. We only use high resolution cameras and high performance Computar lenses in each one of our kits. So you can rest assure you are getting a security camera kit that is built for performance, durability, and quality. We even offer security camera kits that include rugged outdoor housings with heaters to support installations in areas that need to combat even the toughest environmental conditions.

If you want to make your security camera installation simple we highly recommend choosing one of our professional grade security camera kits. Each component in our security camera kits will ensure high quality images, high resolution video, and a fast time saving installation. Choose the security camera kit that will ensure your security camera installation is the most successful!