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Cat5e EZ-SnapJacks

Platinum Tools Cat5e EZ-SnapJack Instructions

1) Remove 2-3” of the outer jacket from your cable using a Cat5e Cable Jacket Stripper.

2) Separate the cable pairs and lay them out per the T568A or T568B specification required for your application. Use the convenient color chart on the EZ-SnapJack wire guide to assist you.

3 ) Insert the conductors through the holes in the wire guide making sure to keep them in the proper color code order.

4) Slide the wire guide all the way down to the outer cable jacket so that it fits up against the twisted pairs of the cable.

5) Cut off the extra wire extending from the guide so that it is flush with the wire guide edge using the a Flush Wire Cutter.

6) Open the EZ-SnapJack so that the hinge is on the top.

7) Insert the prepped cable into the jack so that the color chart on the wire guide faces up and push it all the way forward so it is flush with the EZ-SnapJack. Hold it in this position.

8) Push down on the EZ-SnapJack until it snaps completely shut.

9) Snap the terminated EZ-SnapJack into the backside of the wall plate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat5e EZ SnapJacks - FAQ’s

What is a Cat5e EZ-SnapJack?

The Platinum Tools Cat5e EZ-SnapJack is a tool-less jack used to create Cat5e outlets in the wall or on other network peripherals. These outlets are used to create permanent outlets used to deliver network signals out to computers, telephones, or other network devices. Once connected and installed in place you can start using patch cables or custom network cables with RJ45’s terminated on their ends to attach devices to your network.

What is the benefit of using the EZ-SnapJacks?

Traditionally, to install a Cat5e keystone jack you would need to punch down each Cat5e cable conductor using a telecom punch down tool. This process is not only sometimes difficult, but also time consuming. The EZ-SnapJacks allow you to install your Cat5e jacks without having to perform any punch downs. All you have to do is install the cable pairs into the cable guide and then place them into the jack. The termination process takes place as you close the jack and lock the cable pairs inside the jack housing. This process is much simpler and will save time and money.

Do I still need any tools to install the EZ-SnapJacks?

Yes you do. But all you need is a Cat5e jacket stripper, and some flush wire cutters. The stripper will be used to cut the jacket of the Cat5e cable to give you access to the cable pairs. The flush wire cutter is used to make a flush cut on all of the pairs to give you a clean cut to start the installation process. But since you do not need a punch down tool you are saving money, and the entire installation process is much easier.

What are good applications for using the Cat5e EZ-SnapJacks?

They are great for all commercial and residential network installations. There is really no application where you cannot benefit from using them. Many professional installers and business owner like them because they are perfect for quickly repairing a Cat5e outlet. For a home owner they are great because there is no need to call in an installation company just to fix a bad line. They can quickly install a EZ-SnapJack which will save them time and money.

Do the Cat5e EZ-SnapJacks work will all faceplates and wall plates?

They are designed to the support the industry standard port size used in all cabling products. They can be terminated and installed into any keystone wall plates, surface mount boxes, blank patch panels, and Decora inserts. You will not have any problem installing them right into your current jack positions.

How will using the Cat5e EZ-SnapJacks save me money?

First of all, you are going to save money in installation time. They are much faster than traditional jacks to install. Secondly, they reduce tool costs because there is no punch down tool required. Lastly, you are going to save money because they are re-usable, which means if you move your business, or you have to move a few network cables, you can take the EZ-SnapJacks off installed cables and re-use them in other locations. So there is no need to buy new connectors!