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FS59PL2 - ICM Plenum Rated RG59 Coaxial Cable Compression F Connector

ICM: FS59PL2 Plenum Rated RG59 Compression F Connector

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The ICM FS59PL2 connector is a compression type F connector used to terminate plenum rated RG59 coaxial cables. The FS59PL2 is designed to fit on plenum rated standard, tri-shield, and quad shield RG59 coaxial cable. The FS59PL2 provides a full 360 degree electrical continuity while overcoming forward reflection that could lower the video signal strength.

The use of plenum rated RG59 coaxial cable is very common when installing cables in open-air ventilation systems or plenum ceilings often found in newer multi-level buildings. The plenum cable jacket is made with a special compound that supports slow burning while preventing harmful toxins from being dispersed throughout the entire ventilation system. If you are installing RG59 coaxial cable in a plenum ceiling that calls for plenum rated cables than this is the F connector you need. The jacket of a plenum cable is not the same size as the jacket on a non-plenum rated cable. The ICM FS59PL2 connector is designed to support the size you need to successfully terminate a plenum RG59 cable. The FS59PL2 features a patented no-blind entry system that allows you to install the cable correctly into the connector prior to terminating. This no-blind entry mechanism guarantees a perfect termination every time!

For best results we recommend terminating the FS59PL2 F connector with the ICM Cable Pro CPLCCT-SLM compression tool and ICM PSA59/6 cable stripper. The entire line of premium ICM connectors and tools are available at Cabling Plus!

  • Includes: (1) FS59PL2 Plenum Rated RG59 Coaxial Cable F Connector
  • Designed for Plenum Rated RG59 Coaxial Cables
  • F-Conn connectors provide full 360 compression crimp
  • The FS59PL2 radial design reduces the possibility of an impedance problem and can defeat ingress/egress at the connector
  • Internal O sealing rings prevent moisture migration, while the large ferrule surface insures proper RF and digital interface
  • Does not require soldering
  • AT&T approved
  • Meet SCTE-IPC and Bellcore requirements
  • Part#: FS59PL2