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D1301 - UPG Gel Filled B Connectors, 1000 Pack

UPG: D1301 Gel Filled B Connectors 1000 Pack

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The UPG D1301 Gel Filled B Connectors are designed for crimping two low voltage wires together.  They reduce costs, will not corrode and do not require insulation stripping of most wire gauges before insertion. The D1301 B Connectors include a gel filled sealant that creates a moisture resistant barrier to give your connections added protection.  The gel sealant will not leak when crimped, and provide solid protected connections that can withstand any tough environments.  

The UPG D1301 Gel Filled B Connectors accept 16 to 24 gauge wires and feature razor-sharp insulation piercing teeth.  They allow you to position wire perfectly for single long lasting fully protected crimps.  

  • Includes: (1) D1301 Gel Filled B Connectors 1000 Pack
  • Gel Filled B connectors
  • 1,000 Pack
  • Accepts 16-24 gauge wires
  • Gel Filled:  Will not leak, Will not corrode
  • For crimping together two low voltage cables
  • Save time and money
  • Solid, dependable connections every time
  • No need to strip wires
  • Easy "Funnel-entry" design for easy wire insertion
  • Razor-Sharp Insulation Piercing Teeth
  • ISO 9001
  • Part#: D1301