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ICRDSDC2LK - ICC Net Media Center Door Lock

ICC Cabling Products: ICRDSDC2LK Door Lock



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The ICRDSDC2LK is a door lock kit designed for use with the ICC 14”, 21”, 28” and 42” net media distribution centers. All of the ICC hinged door net media centers have a knock out location that you can quickly install the lock. The ICRDSDC2LK door lock comes with 2 keys and allows you to prevent unwanted access into your technology center.

Are you worried about someone stealing, damaging, or tampering with the technology infrastructure of your home or business? Put a lock on your ICC distribution center and ensure total protection!

  • Includes: (1) ICRDSDC2LK Net Medial Center Door Lock
  • Designed to fit in knockout on ICC’s distribution center doors
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Used with all of ICC’s 14”, 21”, 28” and 42” distribution center doors
  • Part#: ICRDSDC2LK