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Quality patch cables are vital to your networks connectivity!

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Patch cables are used every day to connect network devices together. They also play a major role in connecting network devices directly to a network. All network devices need some type of network cable to receive the network signals they need to perform. Common devices that require a network patch cable include IP cameras, printers, routers, gaming stations, hubs, network switches, computers, and IP phones. As technology continues to grow, more and more products are being attached to a network for purposes of programming, grabbing data from another source, transferring data to another source, or for just communicating.


LevelOne Network Switches: A Great Solution For Any Environment

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Whether you are a one-man show with minimal network usage or a corporate behemoth whose network can stop the earth's rotation, LevelOne network switches are a great fit for a variety of network architectures. High-end enterprise networks can be configured an infinite number of ways, but one thing they have in common is a huge demand for data and access to resources. LevelOne provides several Gigabit Ethernet switches for enterprise level networks.