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Belden Double Bubble BNC Connectors for the Toughest Environments!

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If you are terminating BNC connectors in tough outdoor environments there is no better option than to use the Belden Double Bubble BNC connectors! No other connector gives your terminations the protection they need to survive in tough all weather conditions. The Belden Double Bubble BNC Connectors offer a fully integrated compression tool and connector system that ensures the most permanent and best performing connections for video applications using coaxial cables.


Everything You Need To Know About BNC Connectors

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BNC connectors may be the most overlooked components of a security camera system installation. But the truth is that over 70% of the security camera failures in the field are connector related. So using the right BNC connectors for the job is vital to the durability and performance of your entire CCTV system. It is important to prepare the cable correctly, and install the BNC connector properly to ensure your signals and connections protect the integrity of the entire camera system. So at the end of the day quality does matter!