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BNC Connectors for Security Camera Installations

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A BNC connector is the most commonly used connector for terminating the ends of coaxial cable in a CCTV security camera installation. The CCTV cable or coaxial cable is used to stream the video between the security camera and the digital video recorder (DVR) device that allows you to record, view, and play back the video that the security camera is viewing. Most security cameras have a female BNC pigtailcoming out of them for you to plug your coaxial cable into via a male BNC connector. Most security DVRs have numerous BNC female video ports on the back that are also used to plug in your coaxial cable via another male BNC connector. This is how the connection between a security camera and DVR is made. This is why you often hear the term CCTV cable. The BNC connector has a locking mechanism that assists in creating a strong and secure connection between the coaxial cable and the CCTV equipment.