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BNC connectors are vital to the performance of any security camera system. Having a high quality BNC connector that is designed for performance and durability is crucial to the success of your entire CCTV system. BNC connectors are used to attach coaxial cables to the Security DVR (CLICK HERE) and the security cameras. The coaxial cable is the pipe that delivers your video back to the DVR so it can be reviewed, saved, and monitored. If your connections are not performing properly the end result can be poor quality video, or no video signals at all. The truth is that most security camera related issues are connector related. So the last thing you want is to allow such a small component to heavily affect the performance of your entire CCTV system. 

Some of the biggest challenges that many professional installers have with BNC connectors is that sometimes they are tough to install. And most BNC brands have no mechanism to show the installer that the cable is attached to the connector correctly. These are major issues that sometimes cost installer’s time and money! And if you are in a large installation you don’t want to spend all day trying to get your BNC connectors to work properly.

At Cabling Plus we have used our years of experience to bring to you the best performing compression BNC connectors on the market. We have just added the Belden FCONN compression BNC connectors to our already huge line up of professional grade low voltage products. The Belden FCONN compression BNC connectors are 75 Ohm connectors that provide a full 360 degree compression termination. They offer a unique internal construction that guarantees 100% protection in extreme weather environments. So you can install these connectors anywhere and have total confidence your terminations are protected. The Belden BNC connectors also include their famous “no-blind entry” guiding system that helps you ensure the coaxial cable is in the connector perfectly prior to termination. This is a valuable feature that makes terminating video cables fast, easy, and affective. Many other brand BNC connectors just leave way to much room for error. We have chosen to offer the Belden line of BNC connectors because they are proven to perform in the field. Plus they are already trusted by 1000’s of professional installers all over the US! 

For the complete line of Belden compression BNC connectors visit Cabling Plus today! For years Cabling Plus as strived to offer customers the best products on the market that will ensure success in the field. Choose Cabling Plus for all your BNC connector needs!