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Cabling Plus offers the 16-2 Speaker Wire the professionals use!

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If you are a professional installer the 16-2 speaker wire may be the most popular speaker wire type used in all your audio installations. Do you know what a high quality 16-2 speaker wire really is? A 16-2 speaker wire is a 16 gauge two conductor (red/black) cable that is ideal for most home theater or surround sound installations. The 16-2 speaker wire is also very commonly used in even commercial audio installations which would include installing an audio system in a law office, retail store, restaurant, or any other business environment. 

The gauge or AWG may be the most discussed topic in the speaker wire world! The gauge number verifies the thickness of the wire that is used to construct the wire. In the case of a 16-2 speaker wire, the 16 gauge is referring to the actual size or thickness of each of the conductors. Which means each of its conductors have 65 strands of Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire weaved together to create each 16 gauge conductor. 

The reason why a 16-2 speaker wire is so popular is because it is the most commonly used cable for supporting speaker wire runs that are 80 feet or less. This distance is describing the distance between the actual speaker and the amplifier or audio equipment head-end. This 80 feet distance seems to fit most standard sized homes, but if you are performing an installation in a very large home where the speaker wire runs exceed 80 feet, you may want to start looking at 14 gauge or even 12 gauge speaker wire depending on the lengths of your runs. The longer your cable runs means more voltage drop as you try to send signals to your devices. So by increasing the amount of copper by using a thicker gauge wire, you are increasing the size of the pipe for your signals to travel. It is important to adequately power your speakers for them to perform to their highest potential. So choosing the right gauge of speaker wire to support your installation is vital to the performance of your over-all audio system. 

Our 16-2 speaker wire is a 65 strand cable made with oxygen free copper, which means our speaker wire is manufactured to the highest standards. Also, our 16-2 speaker wire is CMR, UL, and CL3-R rated to support the installation in both residential and commercial (except Plenum required applications) installations. 

Visit Cabling Plus today and get the 16-2 speaker wire you need. Our 16-2 speaker wire will ensure quality, performance, and long lasting use! Use the 16-2 speaker wire the professionals use!